Finding the Right Garage Door Size for Your Garage

When you are looking to purchase a new garage door the first step would be to attain the correct size. Many homes are built to accommodate standard garage door sizes and various pre-fabricated types of door sizes are designed to fit into your allocated space. Single car garages will usually measure nine feet in width and seven feet in height. While double car garages will have a width of sixteen feet.

Step One

Measure the garage opening, by taking the width and the height, additionally you will need the measurements from the very edge where the opening is situated to the closest interior corner. This measurement will be for the placement of the vertical tracks.

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Step Two

Measure the height of your car or cars, this is important for the mechanisms of the garage door. Canopy garage doors are not suited for taller type cars, while folding doors are not suitable for wider cars as you would need some horizontal space.

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Step Three

Consider all the other items within your garage such as overhead storage or shelving to ensure there is adequate space for the interior mechanisms and the tracks. The tracks need a clear space in which to operate effectively.
Customized doors are an alternative option when your measurements don’t match up with the normal available sizes of the pre-cut types of garage doors. It is crucial to ensure that you get your measurements right.

Various manufacturers will offer an estimate on materials, installation and sizes of garage doors. It is always advisable to make use of a qualified technician to install your garage door and to assist you in selecting the right type of garage door to suit your specific needs. The material of the garage door is just as important as the measurements, select a material that can withstand the external elements.

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